• Kemikaalineuvottelukunta

Tasks of the Advisory Committee on chemicals

The Advisory Committee shall

* promote the control of chemicals and the cooperation of competent authorities 
* monitor and promote the international cooperation concerning chemicals 
* coordinate the functions of the subregisters of the chemical register in order to ensure their joint use 
* monitor the development concerning chemicals and the research on health and environmental effects of chemicals 
* make proposals and take initiatives to develop the legislation on chemicals and the research, training, education and information concerning chemicals 
* issue opinions

The Advisory Committee informs its members on current topics, takes part in reforming the legislation on chemicals and in the preparation of Finnish views on EU and global affairs concerning chemicals. The Committee monitors international chemical conventions and promotes coordination of the different actors in the field of chemicals control in Finland.

The Advisory Committee publishes guides, brochures and reports on topical chemicals control issues. It issues opinions and takes part in arranging training. It keeps a list of new and pending EU legislation on chemicals.